Experts have already written the definition of Augmented Reality in a detailed manner, so I won’t write those technical stuff in this article. Let’s learn it in a fun way.

Imagine, you and your friends standing out of your apartment. You pull out AR gadget (Glass, HoloLense or Smartphone), wear it and…

BOOM! Apocalypse! All around you are zombies and infected monsters, trying to attack you and your friends.

real definition Augmented Reality zombie

Hurriedly, you pulled your Magic wand (controller) and shot Mana (Magic) arrow towards the zombie just like

Augmented reality - Spinning_mana_arrowThe arrow zoomed towards the zombie and shot between its forehead, and the zombie dissolved in the light particles.

So did you get it? No? Then read again and imagine.

That’s how Augmented reality works. Augmented Reality (AR) is to blend the Digital Information into the physical world around us. Hence we can manipulate the Digital information like throwing arrow or shooting with AK47.

Augmented Reality Hype

2017 was the year when AR showed its real value to us. Augmented Reality now inherited all the promises and hype Virtual reality has shown.

World tech leaders are saying the same..

“My own view is that augmented reality is the larger of the two, probably by far,”

said Apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview. Here Sir Tim Cook is comparing AR with Virtual Reality.

“The forecasts for growth in AR have typically been much higher than for VR.”

And 2018 will be the true test for AR to make this prediction true.

Earlier this year, MagicLeap – a secretive startup based away from Silicon Valley backed by Google finally unveiled its augmented reality goggles named Magic Leap One.


The Magic Leap One consists of a pair of goggles, a circle shaped external computer called a Lightpack, and a handheld controller.

I have written a separate dedicated article on MagicLeap launch, features and its drawbacks.

Perhaps the competition and interest for AR will be intense in 2018. Some of the most noteworthy gadgets like HoloLens, Meta, ODG, Mira and DAQRI are in the race.

Augemented Reality will be NEXT mainstream

Digital business tycoons like Accenture are embracing AR/VR in training, learning, consumer domain. Accenture quoted “Augemented Reality in Retail enhances consumer experience” on its website.

In the retail space, we are now starting to see AR used for more than just a view of a 3D product model. IKEA has been using AR since 2013 and now they have transformed there furniture catalog into augmented reality tech. Consumers can browse through almost all the catalog and check whether that couch is looking good or where to place that coffee table.


Training will be the biggest market for AR and it will enable consumers to practice/train without any limitations or need of high cost machines. HoloCrane is an example of how AR will enable a novice to practice a skill in situ, without the risk of damage to expensive equipment.

Healthcare / Medical

I am doing more research in this AR domain for my sister who is Medical aspirant. Heh. Sort of.

Well AR will revolutionize Healthcare. We can just imagine the possibilities, new ways of treatment and a whole level above of innovations this could bring.

augmented reality in medical in healthcare

These are some good examples of augmented reality in Healthcare:

  • Medical Skills Development
  • AR will help new mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding by giving experts help as researched and experimented by Small World, an innovation company.
  • Understanding complex anatomy and procedures.
  • Through augmented reality, patients can describe their symptoms better. EyeDecide – probably one of the top rated AR app in iTunes, which doctors can use to simulate patients’ vision and what they are suffering from. If patients can experience all this, as a result that may motivate them for more positive changes due to long term effects.
  • Nurses can find veins easier with augmented reality.
  • And my favorite, which I described above. RUN! RUN from Zombies and get healthier.

Sky is the limit for Augmented Reality.
The possibilities are endless. World just need innovators and good hearted people. (Why good hearted you ask? I will describe the negative impact of AR in a future article.)

Do you have any innovative idea for AR in Healthcare, comment below and i shall add them in the list with your name.

Augmented Reality is the Future.

I think we should get accustomed to the future. VR / AR are changing the world for better (or worse?).


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